Commercial Shipping Services

Commercial Shipping Services

The Andhika can act as an intermediary to facilitate whenever a client requires cargo transportation services. With Andhika's deep knowledge of the shipping industries and vast experience supported by a huge network, Andhika is capable to provide solutions to client's marine transportation difficulties.

The arrangement will be beneficial for all concerned, the shippers, the consignees or the cargo owners. The seller and the buyer would both save on cost of transportation. Usually the transaction of delivery and purchase of cargo is based on what is known as Free on Board (FOB) or Cost and Freight (C&F). This is elusive for cost purposes. Because the final price is only determined after the transportation cost is factored in to the total cost. By employing Andhika's services the cost of moving the cargo is predetermined. Thus, the seller as well as the buyer would not have to face any surprises regarding the cost of transportation.

Andhika have the capability to provide the most cost effective transportation means and timely delivery of cargo, this is done through our own fleet and extensive shipping network worldwide. We detect ships, ours or others, in the vicinity of the port where the cargo is to be loaded and would fix the ship to load the cargo.


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